Scott's Hauling and Excavating is well equipped to handle a variety of commercial development, including large warehouses and manufacturing businesses.  We are ready to put our fleet of equipment, run by experienced operators and led by foremen and project managers with over 20 years in the construction industry, to work for you.  We perform mass excavation, as well as utility installations, including water, sewer, and  storm water systems.

Scott's is also Penn DOT prequalified which allows us to perform excavation and utility work within a Penn DOT right of way and on Penn DOT construction projects.  Our managers have years of experience building projects to Penn DOT specifications and construction standards.


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Are you looking to build a house or develop a residential area?  We can assist you with all your excavation needs from start to finish.  Starting with site preparation, we will clear lots, remove rock and level building sites to get your project ready to start.  With in-house surveying services, we can provide project stake out to quickly and smoothly transition to the digging of basements and preparing home foundations, as well as installation of utilities, including water and sewer lines for your house, or residential project.  We also do septic tanks and sand mounds.  With top soil hauling and finishing, we will see your project through to completion.  


Looking to make improvements to your property?  Need a foundation for a  pool?  Removing sidewalks?  Adding a patio to your back yard?  We have the equipment, as well as years of experience in both large and small residential projects, to enable us to provide you with quality service and project completion.  


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Scott's Hauling and Excavating can serve the needs of local farmers for a multitude of their agricultural improvements and expansions.  We can assist with preparing building pads and foundations for barns, equipment sheds or milking parlors.  Additionally, excavation services are available for installation of manure pits and silage trenches.  We can provide clearing and excavation for new farm lanes, as well as haul slate or shale from our quarries for farm lane maintenance and repair.  


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Slate, Shale and Topsoil Sales

If you are looking for fine materials for building pads, coarse materials for making fill or building roads, we have our own shale and slate pit to provide you with quality materials in a more timely and economical manner.  We also have topsoil available for sale.

Snow Removal

Is keeping up with the snow and ice that winter continues to throw at you proving to be a challenge?  With trucks with salt and cinder spreaders, as well as sidewalk crews, we provide a full range of snow removal services including plowing and site removal,  for your warehouses, shopping plazas, banks, and residential areas. 


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With a fleet of over 20 dump trucks and tractor trailers, Scott's Hauling and Excavating is prepared to assist you with any of your hauling and equipment transportation needs.  From hauling large rock, stone, sand, blacktop and debris, to salt for townships, to coal deliveries, we have you covered.  We also offer a fleet of trailers which range from asphalt tankers, cement tankers, lowboys, flatbeds and dump trailers.  


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With years of experience in demolition techniques, Scott's Hauling and Excavating is able to provide demolition services for buildings of all sizes.  We work to meet your demolition needs and leave you with a clean site for building construction or return site to natural state.   


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Crushing, Screening, Recycling 

We now offer portable crushing and screening.  After seeing the need to downsize rock on our excavation sites we decided to add a portable crusher to our equipment lineup.  We can crush a variety of materials including limestone, asphalt and concrete.  

Also, in order to stay environmentally friendly, we crush  concrete into recycled subbase, a great product for commercial and agricultural applications.  We also offer  recycled asphalt millings which can be used for drives or lanes.  Please contact us for pricing on recycled concrete subbase and asphalt millings.